Performing Arts Educators of Canada offers
registered syllabi in the following dance disciplines.

Private syllabus instruction is offered through PAEC by a qualified member.
Please contact PAEC to reserve a session.
Examiner: $75.00 per hour per individual
Full Member: $50.00 per hour per individual
Group rates may be accommodated.


Acrobatics is a dance form with a twist. Within the PAEC syllabus, flexibility, strength and balance are developed with a variety of tricks that can then be performed within various dance styles. The syllabus has been designed to challenge each individual and offers a wide range of tricks to choose from at every level. The training received throughout the PAEC Acrobatic syllabus encourages the dancer to reach the maximum potential of their individual physical strength and flexibility.



P.A.E.C Ballet syllabus is a new and exciting program designed to educate the student in areas of technique as well as theory.  With a solid foundation, it will compliment the teacherís use of training from other ballet methodologies.  P.A.E.C Ballet has been carefully developed to ensure consistency in student training as well as offer the teacher an opportunity to explore their own artistic expression within the structure of the curriculum.


Folk dance is the opportunity to learn much more than just a dance form. A social activity, it provides an opportunity to incorporate world studies through footwork and arm/hand movements as the students learn how a country's history, costumes, rituals, geography, etc. are reflected in the dances. The folk dance syllabus incorporates multiple international levels for dancers of all ages; adults as well as children.


As jazz dance reflects the trends of the time, PAEC is committed to the development of a syllabus that provides a solid foundation of technical training while allowing teachers the freedom to express their style. The PAEC Jazz syllabus develops a studentís flexibility, centre placement, clean lines and knowledge of steps and introduces leaps, turns and combinations to reinforce these elements. PAEC syllabus will captivate your beginner to advanced dancers and will provide key technical elements required for these students to reach their maximum potential.


The Modern syllabus has been developed to reflect upon the modern greats of the pastÖ.such as Graham, Taylor, Cunningham and Limon Ė yet evolved into itís own.  The syllabus offers a creative modern for the young dancer while developing proper body awareness into challenging senior levels.  The syllabus for all levels provides creativity and exploration of modern movement.


This new innovative syllabus has the perfect balance of important history steps, progressions and rhythm technique.  It will help develop and strengthen dancers of all ages and abilities as well as inspire the student to achieve their maximum potential.  The P.A.E.C tap syllabus allows the teacher to set the style, arms and directions to facilitate the ability of the student.

Move 'n' Groove with a syllabus designed to excite, motivate and educate your students. The Urban syllabus gives a unique vocabulary to popular current steps and styles, while at the same time revisiting some fads from 'yesteryear' that have helped shape the foundation of commercial dance today.

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